Cairn Gnomes

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  • Cairn Gnome 3 Christmas Friends

    Cairn Gnome 3 Christmas Friends


    Can be personalized. 7″ wide x 6 1/2″ high x 4 1/4″ deep by Tom Clark and Tim Wolfe

  • Cairn Gnome Franklin

    Cairn Gnome Franklin


    Franklin is the hardest working Gnome in our area, as indicated by his rolled-up sleeves. He is storing up acorns to be used during the winter. He has paused to…

  • Cairn Gnome Gnap

    Cairn Gnome Gnap

  • Cairn Gnome School Marm

    Cairn Gnome School Marm


    This statue honors teachers of the twentieth century with one from the turn of the century. The School Marm has seen many children pass through her classroom. She has a…

  • Cairn Gnome T-Bird

    Cairn Gnome T-Bird


    There’s an old Gnome saying: “When a bird lands on your tee you’ll take two strokes . . . never three.” Every golfer would like to have such a Birdie….