Konge Tinn

Royal Pewter or “Kongetinn” is inspired by historical events from the late Viking period almost 1000 years ago.

The Vikings were venturesome seafarers from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

They spread across Europe and the North Atlantic region between 800 – 1050 A.D. Often thought of as raiders, the Vikings were in fact primarily traders, explorers and settlers. They left behind a legacy not only of archaeological remains, but also family names and place names. Their customs, folk tales and various traditions.

In the year 1030 A.D., King Olav the Saint (the only Viking king so honored) and many of his men sacrificed their lives for Christianity at the famous battle of Stiklestad, Norway. This is the inspiration for the Royal Pewter design. The King and his men are portrayed on this unique collection.

Pewter handles with quality Swedish Stainless Steel.

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