Book 4 Deep Dire Harvest


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Grapes wait for nobody. The tourist season is running full swing when Frankie’s vineyard is ripe for picking, leaving her frazzled, as she divides her time between the Bubble & Bake shop and Bountiful Fruits winery. When a dead body surfaces in nearby Blackbird Pond, it quickly becomes an albatross around Frankie’s neck. The victim, a national Bird expert, happens to be a cousin to Cherry and Pom, Bubble & Bake employees. The B & B crew are sure to ruffle some feathers during their sleuthing: Can they solve the murder before the guilty bird flies the coop?

5″ x 8″ paperback, 327 pages, by Joy Ann Ribar. Joy is a Wisconsin native who embraces her Scandinavian roots, wine-tasting and food-munching from every culture.

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