Cairn Gnome Norge


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Scandinavians love “Dala” horses. Traditionally, it was thought that they kicked troubles out of your house. Or gnome, Norge, takes very good care of his horse. He brings his Dala an apple every morning, which guarantees that the horse will be up and ready for the day’s activities upon Norge’s arrival. When Norge rides his horse you have double good luck, for Gnomes, too, have a history of helping people with their daily chores. They receive good training from Santa Claus who recruits them for Christas services.

One word of caution when you place Norge on a table in your home. Unless the Dala horse’s hind legs are pointed toward a window or a door, the troubles he kicks will just hit the wall and bounce right back to where they were!

7″ high x 3 3/8″ wide x 4 5/8″ deep, by Tom Clark, Cairn Studio.

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