Cairn Merrill and Lynch


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Merrill and Lynch are pretending that this old post office box is their bank vault. While Merrill is happily opening a savings account with an American and Canadian penny, Lynch is gleefully planning to take them out to open a C.D. (as shown by the arrow on the box’s combination).

They are wearing leaf hats instead of red hats so that they do not have to hide during the daytime. Like the Gnome of Zurich and C.D. they are good investors and keep their money working all day long. Some editions have a teddy bear and a bull (on the Irish coin) to symbolize the ups and downs of Wall Street. Smiles are their “stock in trade” for they never let money worries get them down.

8 1/8″ high x 6 ” wide x 6 3/8″ deep

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