Halva Licorice Original Black


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Finnish Soft Eating Licorice Original Black. While the precise connection between Finland and licorice remains a mystery, Finnish licorice has grown to be an institution in Europe. Established in 1931, Halva has cultivated its reputation throughout the world for its exceptional skills in making the tastiest soft chewing licorice there is – using only the finest ingredients available, to uphold its highest standards.

7 oz (198g), made in Finland.

Ingredients: Sugar Syrup (Beet or Cane), Wheat Flour, Sugar (Beet or Cane), Licorice Extract (4%), Thickener (Guar Gum), Natural Flavor, Glazing Agent (Beeswax). Contains: Wheat, Gluten

Note: Order at your own risk in the summer months. We do not package to withstand heat during shipping.

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