Necklace Rune Strength Faux Pewter


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The rune of the wild ox is one of strength. Though now extinct, the wild ox was once the most powerful animal in Europe. Its size and strength made a powerful symbol. Its immense weight held it to the ground like no other animal. The rune of the wild ox speaks of strength, of having a firm foundation, and of being grounded. It is also the raw power of endurance. The wild ox needed no shelter in the winter. During a storm, it simply stood there and waited until it ended. There are old stories of wild oxen pushing their way through bushes and breaking over small trees to force their way through the under growth in the forest. These were slow animals. And they were vegetarians. Their strength is not the aggressive kind we find in predators. Instead, they use it to survive, and to endure. This rune is one of strength without conflict.  1″ lead-free faux pewter pendant w/33″ black waxed cord (can tied at any length).


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