Necklace Rune Transform Faux Pewter


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The chariot of this rune is one of transformation and movement. It can mean travel or it can mean change, the kind of change that means a person feels themselves to be almost a different being when the transformation is complete. Just as the chariot does not move under its own power, so also the transformation that this rune points to is made on the wings of fate, destiny, predestination, and even conscious choice. No human lives alone, travels alone or transforms in isolation. Even when we begin our journey alone, we always meet fellow travelers on the road. The chariot is a war vehicle. It is built for speed, and to be effective, it must have room for two, a driver and an archer. And so, this rune counsels us not to attempt to undertake our transformations and our journeys alone.  1″ lead-free faux pewter pendant w/33″ black waxed cord (can tied at any length).


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