Rug Sten Warm Gray & Fossil 75″


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28″ x 75″, 92% Swedish phthalate free, non-toxic PVC and 8% polyes­ter warp (reverse side shown in inset).

All Pappelina rugs are made at a local weaving mill in the small village of Lek­sand, Sweden. A Pappelina rug is truly a piece of artistry. At first glance, a plastic rug does not seem to be too advanced, but the fact is that plastic is one of the most complicated materials to weave in tra­ditional shuttle looms. Unlike other customary materials used for wo­ven rugs, whose traits are stiff, plastic is unpredictable and elastic. This makes the weaving procedure complicated. Technology and materials are constantly being challenged by our weaving masters to achieve new results. This is the reason why a Pappelina rug is exceptional and world-leading in its standard and quality. A rug from Pappelina is exclusively woven from the purest plastic ribbons made in Sweden. By purchasing Swedish-made raw material, high-quality standards are met ensuring that the rugs do not contain any harmful substances whatsoever. The plastic used is approved for use in the food industry and to produce toys in both the EU and the US.

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