Gloss Tile Weaver Lila Nelson


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Lila Nelson was awarded an honorary doctorate from Luther College, May 20, 2006 for her contributions as a weaver, textile curator and registrar at Vesterheim Norwegian American Museum. Her husband, Dr. Marion Nelson, was a Vesterheim Director for many years. For most of Lila’s weaving career, the Scandinavian tradition was the biggest influence on her weaving philosophy, but as time went on, she took her weaving in a new direction.  She started doing tapestry weaving. She loves poetry and playing with words and in her 80s that is exactly where she took her weaving. With story telling, she used words in her weaving that expressed her own story and created her own tradition.

Design by Suzanne Toftey, 6″ square ceramic, gloss finish, cork back with plastic hanger.

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