Viking Figure Håkon The Good


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King Håkon Ca 920 Rex: ca 933-960

Håkon was the youngest son of Harold Hårfagre. As a young boy he lived in England but returned to Norway at the age of 15 to become a king after his father. At the time it was the oldest son of Harald Hårfagre, King Eirik, who was the king. King Eirik liked fighting and was a tough ans hard king and hard king who was not beloved by the people.

When Håhon came to Trondheim he was immediately admired. He offered himself to the farmers as king, and desired from them the title of king, and aid and forces to defend the kingdom. He promised, on the other hand, to make all the farmers udal-holders, and give every man udal rights to the land he lived on. This speech met such joyful applause, that they would public cried and shouted that they would take him to be king.

His older brother King Eirik had to flee the country. King Håkon was King in Norway for 28 years. He was a very popular King since he was always happy and always tried to settle disagreements in a peaceful matter. Therefore he was given the name “Håkon the Good”.

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