Viking Figure Olav Trygvason


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Pewter from Norway 3 1/4″ high x 1 7/8″ wide at base

King Olav Trygvason  Ca 963  Re 995 – 1000
Olav Trygvason was known as the strongest of all the Kings and one of the greatest athletes in the country. The saga said that he threw spears with both hands at once and that he used to walk on the oars outside the boat while the men were rowing. Olav Trygvason was a King for 5 years until the battle of Svolder. Olav and his men did well at the begining of this battle. Einar Tambarsjelvar, Olav’s sharpest archer, was shooting at the enemy with his bow and arrow. Just at the moment that Einar was drawing his bow it was hit by an arrow from the enemy, and the bow was split in two parts. “What was that” cried King Olav to Einar, “that broke with such a noise?”
“Norway, King, from thy hands,” cried Einar. “No! Not quite so much as that,” says the king “take my bow, and shoot,” flinging the bow to him. Einar took the bow and drew it over the head of the arrow. “Too weak, too weak,” said he, “for the bow of a mighty king!”  and, throwing the bow aside, he took sword and shield, and fought on. In the end Einar was right;
King Olav did loose and died at this battle leaving Norway without a King for the next 15 years.

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